Retiree Campus Privileges

Campus Parking

Retirees are eligible for free parking in Lots K, P and Z or any of the numbered overflow lots. Retirees should go directly to Transportation Services’ Faculty/Staff Parking Office, located in the ground floor of the Regents Drive Garage (Building 202). To pick up their parking permit, they must bring their Retiree ID Card. For more information call (301)314-7199.

Retiree ID card

Retirees may receive a new ID card that displays their “Retiree” or “Emeritus” status, as appropriate. Active emeriti faculty are automatically set up to receive a new ID card. For all other retirees, the UHR Office of Employee Benefits enters the retiree into the Affiliates module of PHR, indicating their retiree status.  A retiree affiliate appointment cannot be created until the retiree is no longer receiving regular pay or leave payouts.  Also, in the future, if the retiree has any paid or unpaid appointments, this will cause the retiree affiliate appointment to be suspended.  The UHR Office of Employee Benefits would need notified to reactivate the affiliate appointment at the end of the other appointments.

To obtain their new ID card, a retiree must go to the Office of the Registrar – 1st floor Mitchell Building and exchanges their current ID card for a new ID card. (Note: For retirees entered into the Affiliates module of PHR, data will be available to the ID card Office on the business day following entry of the record.)

Retirees can keep the same ID picture or have a new one taken.  ID cards do not display titles.

The ID card allows retiree to:
• Join the Campus Recreation Center for a fee.
• Receive discounts at the campus bookstore.
• Use library privileges.
• Receive discounts to Clarice Smith School for Performing Arts if over the age of 62.
• Use of the Wellness Center
• Use of the Shuttle

Retiree Email

Active emeriti faculty are automatically set up to retain or activate a UMD email account. For all other faculty/staff retirees, their UMD email account will be retained upon creation of the retiree affiliate appointment.

Questions about email activation should be directed to the DIT Help Desk at (301) 405-1500.

Last updated: August 3, 2017