Mailing Label Request

Notes: Sample(s) of the material to be mailed must be forwarded to the University Human Resources/Data Services Unit. Allow up to one week for processing.

(Please be advised that the Labels provided from this request are to be used for the purpose described on this specific form ONLY).

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Brief Description of Request:

Label Specifications

Type of Labels:
Service (Printing Services send out mailing)Gum (Adhesive labels sent directly to you

Number of Sets of Labels:

College ParkSystem Administration

TYPES OF EMPLOYEES: (Choose all applicable categories)

Category Status Definition

Estimate of Employee Counts by FTE
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University Function or Organization Name:

Campus Representative:

Procedures for Requesting Mailing Labels


      1. All requests for labels must be submitted via the University Human Resources website for approval and processing.
      2. Only requests for labels made by the University or its operating units will be honored. All requests must relate to activities or programs sponsored by the University or its operating units.
      3. All requests must contain the six-digit FRS account number to be charged. Cost will be based on actual material used and documented by University Printing Services.
      4. No labels will be provided for employees’ home addresses.
      5. Labels will be generated in Campus/Unit/name sequence and will be intermixed of more than one employee group (e.g., Faculty, Exempt, or Non-exempt) is selected. If desired, each employee group can be separated upon request.
      6. The University Human Resources unit is not responsible for charges generated by requests improperly submitted or not clearly expressed.
      7. Labels will not be generated for the purpose of mailing political, religious, or commercial material. The University reserves the right to deny labels for material it deems to be obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, defamatory, or personally abusive.
      8. Any requests for labels from Faculty or Staff having to do with mailing questionnaires or surveys concerning human subjects must be approved by the Institutional Review Board. This approval must be obtained before the Mailing Label Request Form is submitted to the University Human Resources.
      9. While the University will make a reasonable effort to process and supply orders for labels meeting this policy and such other operating procedures as the University Human Resources may make from time to time, it assumes no liability and is not responsible for any loss to the requesting party because of any error or delay in processing.


      1. Complete Mailing Label Request Form available on the UHR Website.
      2. Submit the form to University Human Resources/Data Services Unit via the UHR Website.
      (Allow up to one week for processing).
      3. Data Services will submit a label data request file to University Printing Services to print the actual labels. (If you are requesting Service labels, you must provide your materials directly to the University Print Shop so they can apply your labels when they are ready).
      4. University Printing Services will notify you when your labels are ready or your job is completed.

Instructions for Completion of Form

      1. Fill in date of request.
      2. Fill in name of person requesting labels.
      3. Fill in telephone number or Campus extension.
      4. Fill in name of unit or organization requesting labels.
      5. Fill in a brief description of your request.
      6. Select the type of label needed.
      Gum— attached to a waxed paper base and affixed manually.
      Service—printed on computer stock paper and affixed by machine.
      7. Select in appropriate box(es) under Campus locations.
      8. Select the appropriate category(ies) under the Types of employees desired and specify whether employees are full-time and/or part-time. If there are exceptions or additions to the groups selected, type the information in the Special Instructions box. Where specific employee titles or specific units are desired, a list of the titles or units must be supplied.
      9. Fill in any Special Instructions if necessary.
      10. Fill in the 6 digit FRS Account to charge the request.
      11. Fill in the University Function or Organization Name if applicable.
      12. Fill in Campus Representative if applicable.
      13. After completing the form click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form.

The only method of submitting the Mailing Label Request Form is through the UHR website.

Last updated: June 25, 2013